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About Helen

Singing has been the greatest joy of my whole life. My love affair with it started before I can remember and it's ability to raise my spirits never waivers. Whether I'm singing to myself whilst making dinner, singing on stage in front of a large audience or singing with a group of friends, it always ends up bringing me great joy and satisfaction. 

I believe that everybody has the ability to sing and feel that same joy in making music with their voice. 

I trained at the  Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) where I studied under American author and vocal coach of the BBC's and ITV's The Voice - Donna Soto Morettini. Donna's teaching partly based on the internationally renowned Estil Method, encouraged me to develop a voice that is naturally strong through practice of a healthy technique. I then continued to build on this practice by working with Julliard School trained vocalist and teacher Tres Hanley and through my own personal study of the Estil Method. 

Having worked continually as a professional vocalist for over the last fifteen years singing Jazz, Blues, Soul and Pop music - developing a voice that is not only able to sing a vast array of material but also a voice that remains healthy and strong even after hours and days of performing constantly - has been imperative to my career and is a huge part of my beliefs about voice capability and health. 

If you are looking to develop a strong, healthy singing voice that is natural to you and at the same time increase your confidence and musicality  - then I would love to work with you. 

I teach weekly 1-to-1 sessions in a relaxed, encouraging environment where we can work together to increase your understanding of your voice through vocal exercises, song preparation and performance skills. 

Gain greater vocal confidence and free your voice! 

**As well as teaching privately Helen has been the vocal coach for: The Jazz Factory - The Wiltshire Music Centre, Stagecoach Performing Arts - Bristol and has lead a number of advanced singing workshops throughout Wiltshire and Somerset. 

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