One-to-One Vocal Coaching

One-to-one private classes:

Teaching from my home in Huish Episcopi, I teach private one-to-one classes for both adults and young people. The classes I teach benefit both the nervous beginner and the advanced experienced singer looking to expand on their vocal and performance skills.

Who I teach:

  • Absolute beginner singers and nervous singers.

  • Experienced singers looking to develop their range and tone.

  • Singers preparing for auditions/drama school.

  • Singers looking to develop their performance style and repotoire.

  • Microphone and stage presence skills.

Teaching one-to-one enables me to really focus on how I can bring the most out of each persons voice and understand how their sound and technique may be developed to expand their range, vocal tone and performance style.

I often meet adult singers who have spent years avoiding any sort of singing in public and would rather mime “Happy Birthday” than let their voice be heard - these people come to me to discover whether it’s possible for them to enjoy singing and profess to have no voice at all. Out of the many people I have worked with, I have yet to discover a single person who can really not sing and it gives me great pleasure to help people find their natural and strong singing voice.

No matter what your level of experience - each class begins with exercises to relax the body and mind and loosen any tight muscles that will be a obstruction to healthy relaxed singing.

We then work together doing singing exercises to create a solid technique for strong singing: Fundamentally this is breath control, tone and air placement in the body and use of the mouth, tongue, and jaw to create open, powerful vowel sounds that will help you expand your range and enrich your tone.

We then put in to practice what we have learnt doing the exercises by learning a song and discovering how we can bring the song to life - both through strong vocal technique and performance style.

The price of a 1 Hour lesson is £30. For a 1/2 hour it is £15.